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Windows Azure AD Premium Interview

Check out new features in Windows Azure AD premium in my interview with Nasos at Microsoft on the Edge Show.  Nasos does lots of demos and gives us some future-looking information you won’t find anywhere else. You can download the video from the source or watch it below.

Automatically Encrypt content using Windows Azure AD

In this demo-heavy interview on the new Microsoft Rights Management services, see how you are able to automatically protect / encrypt documents with IRM utilizing the identities that you have synced or created in Windows Azure AD.  The coolest thing IMO is that we now have client cross-platform support (iOS, Android, Mac OS) for encryption/decryption and you can still easily

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Windows Azure Multi-Factor Authentication Interview

Get the inside scoop around Windows Azure Multi-factor authentication with this interview.  We ask some common questions and link off to some great technical demos.  What questions do you have around Windows Azure MFA? You can watch or download the full interview to your device from its source here or watch it embedded in the post below.

Active Directory + Windows Azure Presentation

At MMS 2013, I presented a breakout session on running Active Directory on a VM in Windows Azure, Windows Azure AD, the synchronization options between AD and Windows Azure AD, the Quickstart Guide, and a little bit at the end about running the full federation/SSO/AD FS infrastructure entirely on Windows Azure. While at MMS 2013 I also shot 4 interviews

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AD to Windows Azure AD Quickstart Guide released!

Hooray! The guide and accompanying PowerShell script is released to everyone here:  Federate and DirSync your AD to Windows Azure AD in about 15-20 minutes! In the future, you can expect some blog posts from me on: Scripting adding more servers to the AD FS and AD FS Proxy farms Running AD and AD FS server in Windows Azure

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