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3 Considerations to not use Docker

With all the excitement and growth around containers and Docker you might wonder “why doesn’t everyone use it”?  There are numerous benefits to use Docker such as an easy and quick way to create portable development environments and apps, doing builds in seconds, and providing a higher density of apps per host. That being said, there are some considerations why

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Top 2014 Microsoft #DevOps learning resources

Microsoft has produced quite a few free learning resources in 2014 related to DevOps.  Check out this list for content you might want to digest to advance your skills.  Also, you might be interested to see the top DevOps relevant news announcements coming from Microsoft in 2014 on this separate blog post I created. MVA Courses DevOps: An IT Pro

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DevOps in the Real World

Hear three people and company’s “real world” perspectives in the DevOps space in my interview at TechEd NorthAmerica.  I was even surprised to learn some things on how the Microsoft Azure operations team implements DevOps practices! You can download the video from the source or watch it below.