Good Change in IT

Top 5 Technical Skills to Evolve OPs

The “traditional” Operations role is fading away with cloud computing being more widely adopted and organizations realizing the necessity to make a DevOps transformation to deliver software and services to their customers. Think for a minute – what might OPs look like for a startup who is developing a cloud-based service and application which is rapidly growing?  Do they have:

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Automatic Build of System Center + Azure Hybrid VMs

Learn how to automatically build an entire set of System Center VMs which can connect up to Windows Azure for Hybrid cloud scenarios using the PDT tool from this wiki article I published.  This infrastructure will enable you to complete the labs you can find at: Why do this? It’s a great way to get a lab/test environment of

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Automatic Provisioning of Windows Azure VMs

Charles Joy showed off some cool short demos on how you can automatically provision or de-provision VMs in Windows Azure utilizing System Center Orchestrator runbooks in my interview with him at MMS.  This could enable you to automatically do all kinds of things like deploy entire infrastructures into Windows Azure, send emails and notifications, and request it all from a

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