Good Change in IT

Run #Puppet on #Azure Demo

Learn how to initially deploy a Puppet Enterprise Master server, connect to the console, create a manifest, deploy a VM which has the Puppet client agent on it and have it automatically configured using the manifest we just created – all running on top of Microsoft Azure.  Ross Gardler does a great job breaking down all of these steps in

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DevOps in the Real World

Hear three people and company’s “real world” perspectives in the DevOps space in my interview at TechEd NorthAmerica.  I was even surprised to learn some things on how the Microsoft Azure operations team implements DevOps practices! You can download the video from the source or watch it below.

DevOps with Chef on Azure

Learn how you can use Chef to automate #DevOps deployments to Windows #Azure or other places in my interview with Ross Gardler who also happens to be the president of the Apache foundation.  You can also run Chef on top of Windows Servers, but true to his roots Ross demos Chef being deployed and configured on a Windows Azure VM

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