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DevOps Sessions at TechEd NA 2014

TechEd sessions relevant to DevOps at the bottom of this post are compiled from Morgan and I’s DevOps for IT Pros PreCon Seminar.  My session DCIM-B222 – “Transform Your IT Skills in a DevOps World”  is a good one to have an overview of the evolved role an IT Pro might play along with some cloud-based DevOps demos.  Morgan’s session

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Microsoft Cloud Based Availability Monitoring

Check out Application Insights in this demo-heavy interview with Vlad.  Pretty cool to see how anyone can go from zero infrastructure to creating a trial in minutes and then a couple minutes later start to see cloud based availability data on their application… and for free.  Some people say it is a developer tool and I can understand why it

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DevOps with Chef on Azure

Learn how you can use Chef to automate #DevOps deployments to Windows #Azure or other places in my interview with Ross Gardler who also happens to be the president of the Apache foundation.  You can also run Chef on top of Windows Servers, but true to his roots Ross demos Chef being deployed and configured on a Windows Azure VM

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Automatic Build of System Center + Azure Hybrid VMs

Learn how to automatically build an entire set of System Center VMs which can connect up to Windows Azure for Hybrid cloud scenarios using the PDT tool from this wiki article I published.  This infrastructure will enable you to complete the labs you can find at: Why do this? It’s a great way to get a lab/test environment of

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Windows Azure Traffic Manager

Better global app performance, fault tolerance, and a way to update your cloud services are some things you’ll get with Windows Azure traffic manager.  Check out how they work and get the inside scoop on some upcoming enhancements to the service in my interview with NK on the product team. You can download the video from the source or watch

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Windows Azure AD Premium Interview

Check out new features in Windows Azure AD premium in my interview with Nasos at Microsoft on the Edge Show.  Nasos does lots of demos and gives us some future-looking information you won’t find anywhere else. You can download the video from the source or watch it below.

Automatically Encrypt content using Windows Azure AD

In this demo-heavy interview on the new Microsoft Rights Management services, see how you are able to automatically protect / encrypt documents with IRM utilizing the identities that you have synced or created in Windows Azure AD.  The coolest thing IMO is that we now have client cross-platform support (iOS, Android, Mac OS) for encryption/decryption and you can still easily

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Microsoft RDP Client for iOS and Android

Learn about the new RDP client for iOS and Android in my interview with Sr Product Manager Adam Carter.  He demos the remote desktop client on an iPad and we also chat about some of the new enhancements to VDI in Windows Server 2012 R2.  This is a little out of the norm for me considering I usually focus on

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Windows Azure Multi-Factor Authentication Interview

Get the inside scoop around Windows Azure Multi-factor authentication with this interview.  We ask some common questions and link off to some great technical demos.  What questions do you have around Windows Azure MFA? You can watch or download the full interview to your device from its source here or watch it embedded in the post below.

Autoscale Virtual Machines with Windows Azure

Learn about the new way to automatically scale your virtual machines in Windows Azure in my demo-heavy interview with the program manager who owns those features in this Edge Show episoe. We dive into autoscale of the cloud services and websites also. You can watch or download the full interview to your device from its source here or watch it

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