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Ways to Provision Docker Host on Azure

There are tons of different ways you can provision a Docker host on Microsoft Azure and I’d like to cover 3 major buckets of ways to accomplish this with some insight around why you might choose this route. Clustering of Docker hosts introduces many other tools and additional complexity, so we’ll just assume a single Docker host to Azure to

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Microsoft App Performance Monitoring

Microsoft has been doing application performance monitoring 3+ years with System Center Operations Manager and APM as a service since the November 2013 launch of Application Insights .  Recently there have been some significant changes and enhancements to APM inside of Application Insights which I covered in this interview with the Microsoft program manager Rahul Bagaria.  I would consider APM as

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3 Considerations to not use Docker

With all the excitement and growth around containers and Docker you might wonder “why doesn’t everyone use it”?  There are numerous benefits to use Docker such as an easy and quick way to create portable development environments and apps, doing builds in seconds, and providing a higher density of apps per host. That being said, there are some considerations why

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Release Management inside Visual Studio Online

You might have easily missed that Microsoft announced Release Management is available in preview as a service attached to Visual Studio Online unless you attended the connect event last November.  This can make life much easier for some because no longer do you need to install, manage, and maintain the full Release Management software stack and can quickly start taking

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Top 2014 Microsoft #DevOps learning resources

Microsoft has produced quite a few free learning resources in 2014 related to DevOps.  Check out this list for content you might want to digest to advance your skills.  Also, you might be interested to see the top DevOps relevant news announcements coming from Microsoft in 2014 on this separate blog post I created. MVA Courses DevOps: An IT Pro

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Top 5 Technical Skills to Evolve OPs

The “traditional” Operations role is fading away with cloud computing being more widely adopted and organizations realizing the necessity to make a DevOps transformation to deliver software and services to their customers. Think for a minute – what might OPs look like for a startup who is developing a cloud-based service and application which is rapidly growing?  Do they have:

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#DevOps is not a portal #Azure demo

Obviously DevOps is not a product and certainly not a user portal or experience.  That being said, I can see how having an integrated user experience to accomplish common tasks across the entire application lifecycle could be of value to developers and operations.  But what do you think? In the interview below I did with Stephen Siciliano, he shows off

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Run #Puppet on #Azure Demo

Learn how to initially deploy a Puppet Enterprise Master server, connect to the console, create a manifest, deploy a VM which has the Puppet client agent on it and have it automatically configured using the manifest we just created – all running on top of Microsoft Azure.  Ross Gardler does a great job breaking down all of these steps in

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#DevOps for #IT Pro Learning Resources

According to the recently released 2014 State of DevOps report by  Puppet Labs, DevOps practices improve IT performance. IT performance strongly correlates with well-known DevOps practices such as use of version control and continuous delivery. The longer an organization has implemented — and continues to improve upon — DevOps practices, the better it performs. And better IT performance correlates to

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DevOps in the Real World

Hear three people and company’s “real world” perspectives in the DevOps space in my interview at TechEd NorthAmerica.  I was even surprised to learn some things on how the Microsoft Azure operations team implements DevOps practices! You can download the video from the source or watch it below.

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