There are countless ways to enable DevOps practices, especially when you weave in the wide variety of tools and platforms available. We wanted to give people practical step-by-step examples of how to enable those DevOps practices using the foundation of Microsoft Azure and Visual Studio Team Services so we built content around two new Parts Unlimited sample applications.

Parts Unlimited is an example eCommerce website site based for training purposes on the website described in chapters 31-35 of The Phoenix Project, by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr and George Spafford, © 2013 IT Revolution Press LLC, Portland, OR. Resemblance to “Project Unicorn” in the novel is intentional; resemblance to any real company is purely coincidental.

Parts Unlimited MRP – contains nothing really Microsoft other than hosting the app in Microsoft Azure. It has an Apache Tomcat front-end, three API services using the Java Spring Boot framework, a MongoDB back-end, and runs entirely on an Ubuntu Linux VM.

Parts Unlimited – front-end runs in Azure websites with a SQL Azure back-end (all PaaS). It and has a version of the code which uses ASP.NET Core (master branch) and a version which uses ASP.NET 4.5 (aspnet45 branch) – both of which visually display the same website content.

We hope that at least one of these two applications resemble something similar to your own so you can take the learnings and apply them to your own applications and infrastructure.

Here are all of the specific Hands On Labs you can try out:

Also, last but not least –

  • please do report issues you find or submit a pull request with a fix
  • new content contributions welcome!
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