Microsoft has produced quite a few free learning resources in 2014 related to DevOps.  Check out this list for content you might want to digest to advance your skills.  Also, you might be interested to see the top DevOps relevant news announcements coming from Microsoft in 2014 on this separate blog post I created.

MVA Courses

  • DevOps: An IT Pro Guide –
    Explore the critical role that the IT Professional plays in DevOps across the entire application lifecycle with applicable tools you could utilize from Microsoft.  A great foundation if you are an IT Pro who is new to DevOps or unfamiliar with Microsoft’s story around DevOps.
  • Assessing and Improving your DevOps Capabilities –
    Why DevOps, why now, and how can it help you? Build your resume and confidence by knowing how to answer these questions, which tools to use, and how to resource your projects.
  • Open Source for DevOps Practices –
    Learn what the various open source tools like Docker, Vagrant, Packer, Puppet, Chef, Jenkins, Hudson, Grunt, and Gradle do and how they integrate with Microsoft technologies.
  • Azure Resource Manager DevOps Jumpstart –
    An exploration into the JSON language for creating resource templates, and a look at Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) integration. A deep dive into some DevOps best practices, like implementing infrastructure and configuration as code.
  • Dev/Test Scenarios in the DevOps World
    Explore modern tools for unit testing, functional UI testing, load testing, and more, see helpful demos on debugging Azure workloads using Visual Studio, and learn about the fundamentals of source control in TFS.
  • ALM Wednesdays Recordings
    Tons of great courses from this series including Visual Studio Release Management, Enterprise Agility is Not an OxyMoron, Fundamentals of Lean Software Delivery, Using Git with Visual Studio 2013, and Using Kanban.

Video Series or Shows

  • Edge Show @Channel9: DevOps Episodes –
    Weekly episodes with technical education for IT Pros.  Around once every four weeks, I release a ~10-15 minute episode with technical nuggets of wisdom related to technologies which support DevOps practices straight from the source at Microsoft.  You might also find relevant episodes on DevOps from some of the Private Cloud or Microsoft Azure episodes also.
  • Cloud Cover @Channel9 –
    Technical education on Microsoft Azure usually 20-30 minutes in length, primarily focused on the developer audience.
  • Azure Fridays –
    Short ~5-10 minute videos with the engineering teams on fundamentals for what various Microsoft Azure functionality provides.  Has developer slant, but because the videos are typically so high-level – applicable to a broader audience.
  • Visual Studio ALM Rangers
    Monthly episodes on what solutions this team is developing to help out the application lifecycle community.

Technical Conference Sessions

Blogs, Websites, or WhitePapers

Hope you have a great 2015!

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