TechEd sessions relevant to DevOps at the bottom of this post are compiled from Morgan and I’s DevOps for IT Pros PreCon Seminar.  My session DCIM-B222 – “Transform Your IT Skills in a DevOps World”  is a good one to have an overview of the evolved role an IT Pro might play along with some cloud-based DevOps demos.  Morgan’s session DCIM-B358 “The Agile End-to-End Story for Developers and IT Professionals” is good to dig into some of the System Center components which have a heavy relevance to DevOps.

Furthermore, within the past couple days we released two new HOLs on Azure Resource Manager and the new Azure Preview Portal to the Azure Training Kit. These are great labs highly relevant in the Microsoft DevOps space.  Tip: If you haven’t created a Visual Studio Online account yet, do it through the New Azure Management Portal to ensure you can complete the 1st lab!

  • Getting Started with the Azure Preview Portal
    The new Azure Preview portal is an all-in-one, work-anywhere experience. Now you can manage websites, databases, and Visual Studio Online team projects in a reimagined UX personalized to your work style. In this Hands-on lab, you will learn how to create a new resource group by building a Website and a SQL Server, and set up continuous deployment using Team Project.
  • Understanding Azure Resource Manager
    A growing expectation of any cloud offering is the ability to automate the deployment and management of infrastructure components, like virtual machines, networks, storage, and databases – and enable customers to build and manage higher level applications on top of these in a rich DevOps friendly way. The Azure Resource Manager, provides a Language (Azure Resource Manager Template Language) that allows a declarative, parameterized description (a Template) of a set of related resources, so that they may be deployed and managed as a unit. The Templates are text-based (JSON), making it easy to use them with source code control systems like TFS and Git.

And here is our curated list of TechEd NorthAmerica 2014 Sessions:
Content Catalog to see the list and add to your schedule
Recordings of these sessions will be eventually made available here
Note: Some of these sessions are more to support the tools/products you *might* use.  For instance if you know you are going to deploy your application to Azure, an IT/Ops person should understand about security of the platform so I’ve included those sessions.

DEV-B211 Getting Started with Visual Studio Online
DEV-B216 Implementing a Release Pipeline with Release Management for Visual Studio 2013
DEV-B222 Rapidly Detect Application Outages with Visual Studio Online Application Insights
DEV-B224 Microsoft Azure Resource Manager
DEV-B225 Open Source Technologies on Microsoft Azure
DEV-B309 Make Data-Driven, High-Impact Improvements to an Application with Application Insights
DEV-B335 Using the Cloud-Based Load Testing Service and Application Insights to Find Scale and Performance Bottlenecks in Your Applications
DEV-B348 Practical DevOps for Datacenter Efficiency
DEV-B363 Hybrid ALM: Using Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Online Together
DEV-B374 Application Lifecycle Management with Microsoft Azure Development
DEV-B383 Automating Microsoft Azure with the Management Libraries
DEV-B391 See How Microsoft Game Studios Uses Visual Studio Online Application Insights to Gain Early Warning of Performance Issues, Failures, and Pinpoint the Root Causes
DCIM-B218 New DevOps Agent: Application Performance Monitoring in Microsoft System Center 2012 R2
DCIM-B221 Microsoft Azure Security and Compliance Overview
DCIM-B224 ITIL Crash Course for IT Pros: Building to Operate
DCIM-B223 The Future of Microsoft Azure DevOps: Building, Deploying, Managing, and Monitoring Your Cloud Applications in the New Azure Portal
DCIM-B306 Public Cloud Security: Surviving in a Hostile Multi-Tenant Environment
DCIM-B318 Windows PowerShell Unplugged with Jeffrey Snover
DCIM-B324 PowerShell Desired State Configuration and DevOps in Microsoft Azure
DCIM-B334 In-Depth Introduction to Service Management Automation
DCIM-B347 Introduction to Microsoft Azure Automation
DCIM-B385 Security and Microsoft Azure IaaS

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