There are a number of things to consider when you are making a decision on moving to a cloud provider (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS).  Windows Azure plays in the IaaS and PaaS space and I’m sure many of you are wondering now we are at GA – What’s the difference between the Amazon, Google, RackSpace, etc?
What does the future look like as an IT Pro in this new world with IaaS?
Perhaps why even use Windows Azure anyways?

In the below interview, I addressed these questions and more.  Note: this is definitely not intended to be a comprehensive compete breakdown between other cloud providers. For more info, you can check out the MMS Session on the Windows Azure for Enterprises breakout session.

On a related note for only the cost comparison angle, there is a good blog post on this from a non-Microsoft source: Cost comparison from Alexandre Brisebois.  The other thing related to cost I should point out not considered in that article is Windows Server Datacenter Edition doesn’t require you to purchase any Windows Server licenses!  You get the server and client access right licenses as a part of paying for the hourly compute charges.  The Windows Azure Price calculator is also a good one for various questions.  You can sign up for a free trial of Windows Azure here.

If you’d like to download the video to watch or see the full breakdown of what is covered, go to the original link for this video.

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